Chamber 13

This is a make everyone happy game.
The environment is build out of 13 rooms with each 4 doors, some are locked, some are open. The states of where the doors lead to and if they are open or closed changes, if someone leaves a room. One of the four players is the real game player, the other ones are NPCs.
An increasing amount of happiness is contributed by a chest of (shareable) happiness, that has to be sheared by the player and the NPCs. The treasure chest reloacates, if it has been detected.
NPCs move randomly to find an open door, go to another room and search the chest.
Movements are from left to right and vice versa.
You can interact with NPCs and doors if you are located nearby and click on them.
Now it is your turn to make everyone happy.
Any character must have a relation to these things: rooms, characters.
Any character can have a relation to those additional things: doors, the house, other things.
If the house would be a hotel, you could be the chambermaid serving comfort in the first level. You finish the first level after a crime happened or you get laid of, because you have been the most annoying person in the hotel. In that case you lost the game. In the second level you are the hotel-detective who tries to solve the crime. Two playable characters are possible: chambermaid and detective.