V-R GalleryV-R Gallery

The virtual gallery

A reconstruction of the serpentine gallery sackler

Welcome to the presence of the Virtual-Reality.Gallery. The 3d gallery for the web, the mobile and virtual reality. A project based on the webVR implementation aframe.io.

The V-R gallery virtual building

Other V-R galleries

A list of some galleries in London,

which I've reconstructed or will do rebuild virtualy.

Peer Hoxton

Serpentine Gallery Sackler

Serpentine Gallery West

White Cube Bermondsey*

White Cube Mason's Yard **

White Cube Hoxton, an abandoned space **

*in work **not available

Circulum Vitae

The unfinished life of Malte Kosian

* born 1965 in Oldenburg, Germany

1979 first programming experiences

1981 with 16 first own art exhibition

1984 finished Gymnasium (high school)

1984 to 1989 studied architecture at the TU Braunschweig

1989 to 1995 studied Art at the HBK Braunschweig

meanwhile some more exhibitions

more programs for art, 3d, gaming

1998 to 2000 working for the Siemens ICE3 project

2000 till now working as a game developer, artist and writer for several game companies

I'm still around and living

Art & other projects

Painting, drawings, programs

Chamber 13* a virtual space and auto play role play game

Break in the Frame. A failed Kickstarter. Solved in very small portion of art. A game art combining sound, visuals and game play.

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Circles In The Round

The outer bounds square and its geometry

A colored story of a simple shape

Lines are just imaginary - shapes is what we see. Even the thinest posible line is an area. An indeed thin one, but an shape. The natural line is the border of two shapes. It might be a sharp border, though also a blured one.

Color is the poetry of light.
Light is the music of color.
The square is the icon for a being, our home, home of a soul.
The cirle is the union, the universal shape of no and unlimited edges.

This figure is a construction.
One can not construct with shapes. We construct by drawing "lines", though lines are imaginary. A construction is imaginary. The colred shapes are visible. The colors are beautyful. Because of the shapes we see the construction. What we see, does not exist.

The beauty exists.

We see what we don't see.

Or do we not see what we saw?

There are twelve black dots in this image but your brain won’t let you see them all at once!

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